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Welcome to the party!


Your computer may detect this program as malware, take note that it only does this because the game can create text files and such, It will never harm your computer

Welcome to the world's best party simulation game's sequel!

Here we visit Ellie, my little sister! It's Ellie's birthday, and I want to throw the biggest party bash ever! there will be cake, gifts, and teddy bears!

Play my sister Ellie in her house, as I Elise, plan a super duper surprise party!

Help Ellie explore her house, as she looks for every single surprise I've made for her!

Meet zany new friends, and open kooky gifts, find teddy bears, play music, and more!

Try to find me, hiding somewhere in the house you'll never find me, before I find you first! Like a big game of hide and seek!

Help Ellie solve special puzzles I laid out for her, as you try to avoid the big bad E****. If you get caught, you lose! Oh no!

Ellie left me alone, so that's why I planned this surprise party! She left me alone.



A warning.

The game will close itself, this is normal. Simply open the game again.

No matter what the game does, don't stop playing it, and whatever you do, don't delete until you are finished.

The plot advances when the game wants it to. Don't question the game's decisions. Bad things might happen.

Don't try to remove the game's memory. That only makes it angry.

Traverse the house while avoiding E****. If it catches you, you lose. The game will remember that.

The game may make the sounds loud or quiet. It depends. You have been warned.

Flashing lights may also occur. this is common. You have been warned.

The game does not know your name. Don't give it to it. If it calls your name do not respond.

The story depends from game to game, though there is one cohesive plot I think, but it is hidden. Find it, this will please the game.

The game will mess with you. You have been warned.

On a serious note, don't mess with the game files or you may ruin the experience.

Be careful, if you are stuck or have trouble refer to this walkthrough: Pastebin.com

But whatever you do.




To start the game, simply click the "Game.exe" File in the game folder.


←↑→↓ = MOVE



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